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Questions to Ask a Home Care Company

Question to ask Home Care Company Sunlight Care Answer
1. Are the caregivers your employee or mine? Sunlight Care is a Home Health Services Firm licensed by the Division of Consumer Affairs. It is illegal to use contractors (1099 workers) in New Jersey. Our caregivers are Sunlight Care employees.
2. Who pays the payroll taxes for the caregivers? Sunlight Care pays all payroll taxes and worker’s compensation insurance. This is required by law.
3. Are the caregivers Certified By the Board of Nursing? All personal care workers are Certified by the Board of Nursing. Sunlight Care is one of the few home care companies who is authorized by the Board of Nursing to train Certified Home Health Aides. Sunlight Care graduates about 150 to 200 Certified Home Health Aides every year. We keep the best and let our competition use the rest.
4. Are the caregivers supervised by an RN? Sunlight Care opens every case with an RN and an RN supervises all caregivers. New Jersey requires Certified Home health Aides to be supervised by an RN.
5. Does an RN monitor the client and the caregiver? Yes. An RN will monitor your care at least monthly and more often as required by your needs.
6.  Who is liable if the caregiver gets hurt on the job? Sunlight Care caries workers compensation insurance which protects the client if the caregiver gets hurt on the job and cannot work.
7. Are the caregivers covered by workers compensation insurance? Yes
8. Are the caregivers insured and bonded? Yes
9. Are the caregivers criminal background checked? Yes – at least once a year.
10. Are the caregivers drug tested? Yes
11. Do the caregivers provide transportation? Yes
12. Are the caregivers who transport clients checked for bad driving records? Yes