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Stay at home & stay independent with our senior care in Woodbury NJ

Sunlight Care provides affordable senior care in the Woodbury area. Senior care can help your loved ones maintain full and dignified lives within the comfort of their own Woodbury area home. If you need an alternative to nursing homes or assisted living, senior care might be the perfect solution for your loved ones if they live in Woodbury. At Sunlight Care we provide senior care to residents of Woodbury NJ. Senior care provides your loved ones with the help they need while allowing you and your family lead productive lives, get to work on time, see the kids' shows, have vacations and get enough sleep. With Sunlight Care senior care servicing Woodbury NJ, you are not alone. Our flexible services and customized senior care plans will improve your family's quality of life while maintaining dignity for everyone. Call us at 856-780-4000 for information or a free assessment.

Woodbury NJ provides many activities for seniors to participate in, but many seniors don't because they are unable to drive or are worried about the difficulties of making a trip. Utilizing Sunlight Care home health aides to participate in local activities is a way to improve your loved one's quality of life and stay healthy through exercise. Some of their activities include a computer club, bingo, bridge, lite aerobics, senior Tai Chi and an AARP driver's workshop. 

Senior Care in the Comfort of Your Woodbury NJ Home

Socialization Support: Woodbury Senior Citizen Club is open to all seniors and meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at the American Legion Social Hall, 1018 Washington Avenue at 1:00 PM. The Club provides speakers, lunches, day trips, dinners and tickets for the Sketch Club plays. Call 856-845-1300 for more information.

Woodbury's Senior Community Center is open for senior programs Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM. Activities include billiards, television., lunch, classes, fitness room and a garden. Bus transportation is available.

Senior Daycares in Woodbury and West Deptford can provide social and recreational activities, shopping day trips, craft programs, educational programs and lectures, healthcare support and nutrition monitoring. Some centers can provide discounted programs for low income seniors. Sunlight Care does not recommend any specific Senior Daycare.

Other local Woodbury and West Deptford organizations like churches, synagogues, temples and mosque groups are a good opportunity for additional socialization. During other times Sunlight Care can provide a companion or a home health aide to keep your loved-one company and perform activities that will keep them mentally active.

Grocery Delivery: Some grocery stores will pack and deliver groceries for small fees. There is usually a charge for picking and a separate charge for delivery. The total of all fees range from $10 to $20 dollars. However, generally the order must be entered on-line at the store's web portal. Many seniors have a difficult time creating accounts and navigating the web site to place orders. It also may take a half day to a full day to get the groceries delivered. The senior may also have difficulties putting the groceries away once delivered and left on the counter. If family or friends cannot support the ordering process Sunlight Care can provide an aide to help with the process. At the time of publication we could not find any stores close to Woodbury or West Deptford that supported this service.

Also available in the Woodbury and West Deptford area are delivery services not affiliated with local grocery stores: freshdirect and freshology.

Meal Preparation: Seniors at least 60 years old who are homebound and meet certain income criteria can receive Meals on Wheels from a program hosted by Gloucester County Division of Senior Services located at 115 Budd Blvd, West Deptford, NJ 08096 856-686-8329. Sunlight Care aides can prepare meals for multiple days so the senior can just microwave meals on the days that the aide is not there.

Doctor Visits:  Woodbury's Senior Center bus can provide transport to doctor's office in the area. See transportation below. If the senior does not meet the ambulatory requirements then outside support from family, friends or Sunlight Care should be provided. When using group transportation services, be sure to leave ample time for transport. Plan on arriving at least an hour before the appointment since the number of people using the services on any single day can vary greatly. For more timely and convenient transportation Sunlight Care can provide a Home health Aide to provide transportation and ambulatory support.

There are also many visiting doctors and nurse practitioners who can provide medical service at your home instead of you traveling to the doctor. The cost difference should minimal or zero. Sunlight Care has had very favorable results with the following companies which service the Woodbury and West Deptford areas:

  • Phoenix House call Associates 4510 Church Rd, Mount Laurel NJ 08054 856-439-0060

Transportation Support: Woodbury's senior Citizens Shuttle Bus Service is available Monday through Friday and covers a substantial area. The bus schedule can be viewed here: If support is needed to keep seniors safe, then outside help from family or Sunlight Care should be provided to help with transfers and safety.

Woodbury's Senior Center also has bus transportation options available Monday through Friday for transportation in the local area. Rides are available to Woodbury residents age 60 or older, or disabled residents. Door-to-door transportation is available for shopping, appointments and other services. Please call for complete details, and at least 1 day in advance for reservations: (203) 263-2828.

For more difficult transport situations like wheel chair assessable vans Sunlight Care has had very favorable results with the following companies which service the Woodbury and West Deptford area:

  • First Choice Medical transport: 856-546-0432

Why use Sunlight Care?

  • We provide very personal service. We answer the phone 24/7/365 and you can speak to the owner anytime.
  • We are one of the few Woodbury NJ senior care companies approved as an aide training facility. The time we invest in our aides during training allows for optimum aide selection & senior care matches. We know our aides!
  • Our Woodbury senior care aides' arrival and departure times are actively monitored via our proprietary timekeeping system. If they are 5 minutes late we know about it and start fixing it.
  • Our client web portal allows Woodbury NJ clients and family to see your senior care visit schedule or visit history.
  • Our senior care aides are our employees -- not contractors. They are:

o Certified, bonded and insured o Background checked and drug tested o Carefully selected and well-trained o Compassionate & reliable

Senior Care Services

Companion Senior Care Services in Woodbury NJ

Light housekeeping

Laundry, bed making and linens

Clean kitchen and bathroom daily

Socialization, crafts, games & hobbies

Grocery shopping and errands

Nutritious meal preparation

Monitor medications

Local transportation and Escort to stores, doctors, religious services or friends.

Advise family of health changes

Personal Senior Care Services in Woodbury NJ

Bathing, grooming and toileting

Assist with transfer from bed/chair, dressing, walking

Assist with exercises and range of motion

Skilled Nursing Care in Woodbury NJ

Administer medication

Tube feedings and care

Catheter Care

Ostomy/Colostomy care

Other nursing needs

Nurse Advocate Services in Woodbury NJ

Update client's medical history

Coordinate care among the health care team

Be there, when the family is not able

Visit in the hospital, advocate for client

Attend care meetings in rehab

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