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Alzheimer & Senior Personal Care

Senior Personal Care is a troubling issue for many caregivers of seniors with Alzheimer's especially when it comes to bathing. The issue is more than just having to reminding them to bathe, as many seniors find it difficult and scary. Trying to address Alzheimer's care can often lead to aggressiveness, emotional outburst and even disagreements. So, what can be done to help bathing and senior personal care to be effective and a stress free experience?

1) Creating a strong repetitive personal care routine for every day has been found to be very effective. The goal is to have your senior care activities performed at the same time every day. In planning out Alzheimer's care and activities, take into consideration what time of day your loved one is most alert and calm. A predictable routine every day can minimize anxiousness, agitation, and aid in having a less stressful experience with senior care.

2) Another helpful method in successful senior care is to make their experience more comfortable. Take the time to think of appealing to all the senses and what has caused them stress or agitation in the past. When it comes to bathing, taking steps like making the bathroom the right temperature can make a difference. You may have to start preparing the room ahead of time including turning on a heater at least 10 min prior. Other ideas to enhance comfort would be to put a towel on where they sit to get changed. Playing soft music can create a spa-like environment.

3) At Sunlight Care, many families seek help with an elderly parent to reduce the stress and ensure their loved one gets the best care. Our home health aids, and in home nursing team members are top rated and specialize in offering senior personal care assistance. They focus on care with dignity and a strong emphasis on compassion. We find when it comes to senior personal care, strong communication is valuable. The best approach is to verbally guide them through the process. When it comes to bathing, our home health aids take the time to communicate each step of the bathing process. You want to share what you are doing, and gently remind them you are there to take care of them.

4) Another idea that can help with an elderly parent in feeling favorable to personal care is to compliment the activity with a favored pastime. For example, when it comes time for bathing you can suggest “We are going to go shower now and then after, I have a special snack planned and we can watch {insert favorite show} while we eat it."

5) The key focus is dignity and privacy in Alzheimer's care. Bathing in front of a family member can be embarrassing. Sunlight Care's home health aids have found holding up a towel while your loved one gets ready to bathe and then quickly assisting them as needed to cover them with a bathrobe or even a towel after stepping out of the bath.

Bathing is found to be one of the most stressful Alzheimers care activity that a caregiver can manage. Sunlight Care in the Cherry Hill, Haddonfield and all surrounding areas have many top rated services to help with an elderly parent including in home nursing and home health aids that will alleviate the stress and confusion when care needs increase. Sunlight Care provides

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