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Can Poor Balance be an Early Sign of a Need for Dementia Care?

Dementia is a common neurological disorder affecting over 50 million families dealing with senior care, worldwide. In the Cherry Hill area, Sunlight Care supports many families needing help with elderly companion care.

There is no cure for Dementia but there are preventative measures that will help with an elderly parent. There is also early intervention that will make the progression less severe. To ensure success in senior care, it is essential to identify early warning signs. A study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society shows that poor balance can be one of signs to explore in dementia care.

For this study, researchers studied almost 600 seniors age 90 and up. Well over 56% of this group had normal cognitive function at the baseline of this study. Several measures were made of the group’s physical abilities, including standing balance ability. Participants with were identified for use in future studies. The seniors received periodic assessments to discover if any cognitive impairments progressed. It was discovered that seniors who did worse on the physical performance evaluations, were more likely to be confirmed with having dementia and therefore having a greater need for elderly companion care.

Sunlight Care offers elderly companion care services for families who need help with an elderly parent in the Marlton and Voorhees, NJ areas. Most families will have many stressful experiences and will face many challenges when providing dementia care. Reaching out to Sunlight Care helps navigate through all the many obstacles in senior care, reducing stress and providing the best care to your loved one.

There is still so much more scientist need to learn about dementia, and while it is clear there is a correlation between bad balance and dementia, particularly late-age dementia, they do not yet have the understanding as to why. Further studies will be useful to help implement preventative and new treatment options that will give further help with an elderly parent.

You do not have to face dementia care alone. Sunlight Care has time saving resources and top-rated companion care programs that will help alleviate the stress and confusion when care needs increase in the Moorestown, Haddonfield and all surrounding areas. We provide completely custom and affordable solutions for your family.


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