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Stay at home with our In-Home Nursing in Voorhees, NJ

Stay at home with our In-Home Nursing in Voorhees, NJIn-Home Nursing at home programs have become the preferred long term care solution for most seniors who need more than just a couple hours of support. Seniors can remain comfortably in their own Voorhees , NJ home, maintaining a high level of independence and retain their dignity and quality of life. Its simpler and safer then adult day care solutions since there is no need for transport every morning and evening. It's cheaper than assisted living facilities in and around Voorhees NJ, and In-Home Nursing provides for the maximum quality of care since its one-on-one care. Call us at 856-780-4000 for more information or a free assessment.

Voorhees NJ Grocery Shopping Support

Since Continuous 7 Day in home nursing Certified Home Health Aides generally do not drive and should never leave the client, shopping for food and other essentials are usually performed by a family member, obtained through a delivery service or provided through a Sunlight Care discounted service specially designed for our in home Nursing families.

Voorhees NJ has groceries stores that will deliver groceries that have been ordered on-line. Also, for a very small fee a Sunlight Care companion will pick-up and deliver groceries that have been ordered on-line. Sunlight Care also has companions that can perform other shopping trips and provide transport for doctor visits.

Let's look at some of the advantages that In-Home Nursing provides:

Constant Care

With Sunlight Care's Continuous 7 Day In-Home Nursing program the caregiver is always there at your Voorhees NJ home, providing constant care seven days a week, with no disruption to the client's routine. Because of the continuity of care provided, your loved one can develop a trusting relationship with his or her live in caregiver and likewise our live in caregiver will also get to know your loved one, including his or her daily activities and preferences, and thus develop a unique relationship with them. Whenever the caregiver needs time off, Sunlight Care will provide an equally qualified and experienced substitute to ensure uninterrupted care. The care provider is fully in charge of your loved one's wellbeing, safety, and personal hygiene. The 4/3 Day program also provides substantially more continuity of support over hourly service.

The Most Cost-Effective Service

Whether you are paying for In-Home Nursing out-of-pocket or you have a long term care insurance policy, the Sunlight Care In-Home Nursing program is the most cost-effective program in Voorhees NJ. It provides around-the-clock-care while costing less than half the hourly rate of providing care 24/7, and substantially less expensive than institutionalized care.

Stay at Home

Many times seniors who are getting along marginally in their own home show a substantial decline in ability once they are moved into an institution. They know where everything is in their own home and how everything works. Cognitive degeneration is often missed or under estimate by family members because seniors stay functional beyond their ability when in familiar surroundings. Once removed from those surroundings the senior may experience increased frustration and reduced self-esteem as they are confronted with increased confusion. Staying at home through the use of a In-Home Nursing caregiver simply means your loved one can stay comfortable and feel safer.

Family Peace of Mind

Not only will your loved one be more comfortable but so will you. Family members get to finally relax knowing that their loved one has a reliable, qualified, and caring live in aide always there ready to serve. Sunlight Care staff members are on-call 24/7 (available directly to our clients and not through an answering service) to assist with any emergency that may arise for their loved ones.

Why use Sunlight Care?

Sunlight Care has developed an extensive pool of In-Home Nursing providers and a program for transporting them to and from their assignments. In-Home Nursinggivers generally come from other countries specifically selected for their superior care giving culture. Sunlight Care has developed special relations with these countries through ambassadors which carefully interview/select the highest quality people for this position. The caregivers obtain permanent work status in the United States; they are thoroughly interviewed for the appropriated work history of family care, ability to speak and understand English and their backgrounds are checked. To become a Certified Home Health aide in New Jersey they must complete a thorough 76 hour training course and pass both a written exam and skills test. The training course must be provided by a NJ Board of Nursing approved training facility. Sunlight Care is one of the few Home Health Care companies approved to teach the Certified Home Health Aide course. Our home health care aides are our employees -- not contractors.

    They are:
  • Certified, bonded and insured
  • Background checked and drug tested
  • Carefully selected and well-trained
  • Compassionate & reliable
    In Home Nursing Services in Voorhees, NJ
  • Bathing, grooming and toileting
  • Assist with transfer from bed/chair, dressing, walking
  • Assist with rehabilitation exercises and range of motion
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry, bed making and linens
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom daily
  • Socialization, crafts, games & hobbies
  • Nutritious meal preparation
  • Monitor medications
  • Advise family of health changes

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