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Live-In Home Health Care for Camden, Burlington, Gloucester & Atlantic Counties

Live-In Home Health Care in New JerseyLive-In Care in New Jersey Provided by Sunlight Care

Nothing is more important than helping people live full and dignified lives within the comfort of their own home. Sometimes that means providing home health care with a live-in caregiver. At Sunlight Care we provide affordable live-in home health care to residents that wish to remain at home, yet still have the comfort of knowing that someone is available to them 24/7.

What is a live-in caregiver?

Our live-in home health aides are trained to provide continuous comfort to your loved ones. A live-in home health aide will live with the client and will be accessible when a need arises. Although live-in caregivers aren't working 24/7, they are "on-call" when your loved one is in need of care. The majority of live-in home health aides come from foreign countries and they have extremely high work ethics. Most of the live-in home health aides do not have driver's licenses or a vehicle, however, if transportation is needed, other arrangements can be made with the scheduling department.

Our Home Health Aides are trained and certified through the Board of Nursing and are qualified to provide personal care as well as homemaker services.

Live-in companion caregivers are also available. A live-in companion is trained to be available for companionship and homemaker services. Live-in companions are not allowed to do personal care as they are not certified for this. Live-in companion caregivers are great for loved ones who can do their own personal care but may need general companionship, may need additional assistance maintaining the home, or may have mild dementia or Alzheimer's.

What services can be provided by a live-in caregiver?

Services that can be provided while having a companion live-in caregiver include:

  • Making of the bed and keeping the bedroom organized and safe to avoid falls
  • Dusting or sweeping in the client's living areas
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal preparation and feeding
  • Making sure the bathroom is clean and free of water to prevent slips
  • Making sure the kitchen is clean to avoid any contamination
  • Taking out the trash
  • Laundry
  • Socialization
  • And much more!

Services that can be provided while having a certified home health aide live-in caregiver include:

  • Everything in Companion Care PLUS:
  • Bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting
  • Assistance with transfers from bed/chair and walking
  • Assistance with exercise and range of motion
  • Incontinence care


What is the difference between live-in care and 24/7 hourly care?

Live-in caregivers live with the client in the comfort of the clients' home. This allows the same caregiver to be there for your loved one every day. The client and the live-in caregiver will form a great bond. Live-In care is highly recommended for loved ones with dementia since changing caregivers can be confusing. Live-in care is simpler and safer than adult day care solutions since there is no need for transport every morning and evening. Live-in caregivers must be able to get uninterrupted sleep breaks and meal/general breaks. If your loved one is at a facility and the care they need becomes more than what the facility can handle, that facility may need to discharge your loved one. However, putting a live-in caregiver in with your loved one will allow them to stay at the facility.

If your loved one only sleeps a few hours at a time, you may need to supplement the live-in care with an overnight relief caregiver so the live-in caregiver can take their uninterrupted sleep break if the client wakes up frequently throughout the night (such as needing to use the bathroom). A separate caregiver will be available for 6-8 hours during the night. However, if the care throughout the day and evening becomes too much for a live-in caregiver because they are no longer receiving their required breaks, 24/7 hourly care will be the best option.

With 24/7 hourly care, multiple caregivers will be assigned in 8 or 12 hour shifts to care for your loved one. This option is necessary for situations where constant care is required or if the client has no sleeping accommodations. The 24/7 option is also available to those who need additional assistance while living in a facility or those who need constant monitoring because of unsafe wandering.

Why should I choose live-in care over an assisted living facility?

Although assisted living facilities have many benefits; a live-in caregiver has more! Your loved one will be able to stay in their own home opposed to moving a few items to a tiny apartment. Clients who are able to stay in their own home are able to manage early stages of dementia easier. After living for so many years in their home, clients know where items are located, where the bathroom and kitchen are, and how to care for themselves with the routines they developed over the years. By moving them into a new location, their early stage dementia may leave them unable to adapt to new surroundings. With live-in care they will receive one-on-one care directly where in a facility a caregiver is caring for several people at each shift. Your loved one will be able to eat the foods that they grew up with at home compared to the limited meal options at facilities. If your loved one has a pet, they are able to keep them and continue to enjoy Fido's company at home. Most facilities do not allow pets to accompany new residents. Financially, a live-in caregiver may be the way to go. A live-in caregiver costs about $6,000 month and an assisted living facility can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 a month depending on their tier of care needed.

Where does a live-in stay?

Live-in caregivers are provided with a furnished room by the client in the home. A live-in caregiver may bring their own pillows or blankets with them but linens should be provided to the caregiver. Home conditions need to be safe for the client and for the caregiver. Clients or their families must also provide meals and toiletries for the live-in caregiver. If a spare room is unavailable, it is possible to partition a common space.

Are there any state regulations for live-in caregivers?

Yes, per labor laws live-in caregivers are required to have sleep time, meal time, and free time. A caregiver qualifies as a live-in caregiver when they stay at least a consecutive 120 hours (5 days) in the home.

How are we billed and how are the caregivers paid?

We initially take a two week service deposit which is held on account and can be applied to your final bill or refunded. Billing is done biweekly and the invoicing will show the charges per day. Our live-in caregivers are paid weekly through direct deposit and we take care of all payroll taxes and insurances such as Federal and State taxes, Social Security, and Workers Compensation.

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