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Who can benefit from Assisted Living Home Care?

  • Seniors who need help with personal hygiene, daily living and nutrition.
  • Patients with Alzheimer's, Dementia, or other cognitive dysfunction.
  • Patients who are recuperating from a stroke, heart attack or illness.
  • Surgical patients who would prefer to recover at home.
  • The Physically Challenged.

Those dealing with home care issues so often feel alone and confused; it does not have to be that way. If you are looking for information about elder care services, take advantage of our a free consultation.
Call us today: 856-780-4000

So many lives are involved...

The growing need for elder services has touched nearly every
person in our country. If you have not yet been effected,
chances are high that will soon change. Sunlight Care
specializes in the unique needs of all who are
involved in this process.

Children of Aging Parents
Children of Aging Parents

"I live out-of-state and have a family of my own. Now mom needs my help." Quite a lot to think about. Know you are NOT alone.
We are here to help.

Partner of Aging Spouse
Partner of Aging Spouse

For better or worse does not mean going it alone. Maybe all you need is an hour's time to yourself. Our services can bridge the gap.
We want to help.

Independent Aging Adult
Independent Aging Adult

Your whole life you've taken on the world! Now you've lost a step or two, but are still in the fight. Don't do it all alone.
We WILL help.

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